Sleeping Angel Wood

Sleeping angel wood is for parents/families who have lost a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth or neo-natal death and would like to plant a tree in memory of their sleeping angel.

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Plant A Tree

We want each mum/dad/family to be able to plant a tree in memory of their sleeping angel, each sapling planted will have a wire cage round it to protect it till it's strong enough to grow alone, each tree will have a plaque with name and date of birth/loss (teddy shaped we hope).

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In Loving Memory

Its a wonderful thought that Sleeping Angel Wood will continue to live and grow long after we are gone. People will know that our children existed long after we have fallen silent. Their names will be spoken for an eternity.

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Never Forget

Our aim is to provide a beautiful place for families to go, where they know that everyone else there understands what they are going through. A place where no baby will ever be forgotten.

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